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See the most recent intensive study from the company’s journey towards success.

Informations describe how the company examine complex phenomenas occured to increase understanding and utilize to further increase the cate of growth from both the client and the company.

The New Normal Adaptation: Converting
Services Digitally

The reports from the 2020 statistics show that virtual customer service excellence is now contributing in a quicker phase as we move into the new normal. The role of the customer service department and the personnel who supply this service is critical in an era where customers demand high-speed information. Customer service is the hub of information on customer satisfaction, customer relations, and customer intentions on a daily basis.

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The Future of Healthcare: Telemedicine

The study was conducted in 2021 for the sake of nationwide demands on access of remote healthcare and Telemedicine. It is proven that the white-glove technology is applicable on almost all industries transitioning to remote services. The on-going project of a Telemedicine app named after ‘TeleDoc’ will be the pillar of Telemedicine starting from the nationwide access from the Philippine country.

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The Successful Campaign of Disability Insurance in the U.S

For over 5 years, the presence of high demand in sales and customer service from the U.S is inevitable. Companies that have gone into outsourcing have grown with unexpected results. Companies like Citizen’s Disability has reached its peak in 2019 with the humongous help of customer service and outbound campaigns. The company has foretold to face expansion

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U.S. Vaccine’s Successful Ramping

After the global release and approval of COVID-19 vaccine in the U.S., TESTD. Inc., along with ECX, acted as EC Solutions, has conducted and develop a system wherein citizens of U.S.A has a digital access and remote service for their vaccine application and verification. The project was successfully concluded in 2021.

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