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  • High absenteeism and low employee retention.
  • Inconsistent performance and weak management skills.
  • Lack of resources to innovate and compete in today’s technology-driven environment.

Sounds familiar? We all know these will lead to low customer satisfaction, lost sales opportunities, and unrealized return on investment.

ECX is born out of the need to solve complex challenges in the contact center industry. After years of trial and error - outsourcing, setting up internal customer service teams, trying new technology - we've developed a strategy that works. Together we will end your quest for that perfect "unicorn” contact center partner. We built it ourselves and we will build it for you.

Our Core Values



To provide the ability to understand one another and care for each other


Customer Xperience

To make each customer journey very meaningful, satisfied and extraordinary



To provide good hospitality and relationships between companies, employees and customers



To be competent, accountable, reliable and responsible, interacting positively and collaboratively with all colleagues, customers, visitors and business partners



To treat all others as you wish to be treated, being courteous and kind, acting with utmost consideration of others



To be honest, trustworthy and ethical, always doing the right thing, without compromising the truth, and being fair and sincere



To appreciate and celebrate differences in others, creating an environment of equity and inclusion with opportunities for everyone to reach their potential



To provide the ability to understand one another and care for each other

Meet Our Team

Eric Buenafe

Chief Executive Officer

Seph Hilario

UI/UX Designer

Em Francisco

Client Manager

Ey-Ey Beringuela

UI/UX Designer

Angelo Siena

Front-End Developer

Tina Buenafe

Chief Operating Officer

JM Cordero

Solutions Architect

Mark Juan

Back-End Developer

Gian Gonzales

Sr. Training & Quality Analyst

CJ Gonzales

Workforce Analyst

Onad Manahan

Workforce Supervisor

Joie Angeles


Greg Hill

Chief Technology Officer

Pern Navarro

Team Leader

Daniel Dinong


Denmark Cuevas

Senior IT

Michael Tadeo

WAH Supervisor

Louie joy Mambusao

Front-End Developer

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